Portability vs. Control

One important question to start with in your PA system search is “How portable do I need the system to be?”

Traditional PA systems are made up of separate pieces of equipment for each individual function: a standalone mixing board, outboard signal processors, dedicated power amp(s), and a number of individual PA and monitor speaker cabinets. Such systems require considerable space to transport, store, and set up onstage.

If you need to transport your PA system frequently to different venues that have modest amplification needs and crowded performance spaces, there are portable, compact PA systems likely to meet those needs. In fact, there are even complete PA systems that include all of the necessary equipment within a single enclosure, roughly the same size as a standard PA speaker.

For small groups or solo performers who play in small venues with basic amplification needs, there are some excellent all-in-one models that deliver plenty of power. The super-compact Y1 Speaker, for example, will handle just about anything you'll need … 3-channel mixer, Bluetooth connectivity, built-in reverb, tone controls and line out. 

Take a quick tour of the Listen-Acoustic Y1 Pro Multi-Position Powered PA System.