What type of individual speakers are there?


What type of individual speakers are there?

Speakers are designed to reproduce specific frequency ranges. So-called “full range” speaker cabinets usually contain a woofer and tweeter and are referred to as a two-way system. Some PA speaker cabinets also include a mid-range driver and are referred to as three-way systems.

Here are the individual type of speakers and their characteristics found in PA systems:

Woofer: Reproduces low frequencies, usually with a 10”-18” cone-type driver
Frequency range: Usually below 500Hz

Mid-range: Reproduces mid frequencies, sometimes with a 5” to 12” cone-type driver, sometimes a 2-1/2” to 4” compression driver mounted on a dispersion horn
Frequency range: Generally between 200Hz and 3kHz

Tweeter: Reproduces highest frequencies with a 1” to 2” cone-type driver or a 1” to 4” compression driver
Frequency range: Usually between 2kHz and 20kHz

Subwoofers: Reproduce the lowest frequencies with 15” to 24” cone-type driver
Frequency range: Rarely above 300Hz down to 30Hz or lower