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* Active Coloumn system with DSP 100 24bit/96khz \n* 12inch subwoofer with Dual ban-pass technology \n* 8pcs * 3" full range spekaer\n* Class-D amp RMS700W
Loving music, playing an instrument in a small band or simply spending the night dancing with your friends are great ways to share with others something that belongs to you.
There is no definitive answer: both materials offer advantages and disadvantages. The right choice depends on your needs.
1/4" Jack: also known as phone plug. Unbalanced connection using a phone-patching cord connector. The most basic connection in audio
Subwoofers are the large speakers that handle the lowest bass frequencies.
Speakers are designed to reproduce specific frequency ranges. So-called “full range” speaker cabinets usually contain a woofer and tweeter and are referred to as a two-way system.
Once your mixer, signal processing gear, and power amp have shaped your audio signals, it's your speakers' job to turn those signals back into physical sound waves.
Mixers may have some built-in effects, but if you really want to make your sound stand out, add outboard processing
One of the most important questions when it comes to PA systems is “How much power do I need?”
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