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Why Choose Us


WHY CHOOSE US 5 reasons

1. R&D Capabilities
2. Produce Capabilities
3. Strict Quality System
4. Professional Service
5. Cost Advantage

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We have been providing pro audio solution for more than 420 customers business growing in last 10+ years. Our ODM & OEM services include the following:

• Designing pro audio that is customized to your branding needs
• Creating a new amp with friendly interface for your clients
• Changing the color of pro audio
• Selecting or developing new driver units for your sound system
• Printing your brand logo on the sound system etc.

R&D Capabilities

LA has a high-quality and technically comprehensive R&D team of 14 engineers who are capable of completing the overall  solution design of professional digital sound systems, including acoustics, electronics, software, mechanics and industrial  design. It has industry-leading R&D, design, test equipment and the anechoic chamber. LA has declared and publicly registered more than 15 invention patents and utility model patents.

• Completing 3D drawings in 3 days
• Making 3D plastic enclosure, or wooden cabinet in 5 days
• Designing and completing new amp in 1 week
• Tuning speaker sound in 2 days

R&D Department

R&D Equipment

R&D Achievement

Produce Capabilities

LA owns the core production capacity of manufacturing Audio system products of entire industry chain. We manufacture all essential components of loudspeaker boxes in house: Production of speakers, system assemble, and complex electronics ranging from passive crossovers to Class A/B amplifiers to digital high-power amplifiers with DSP and universal SMPS. LA is able to produce multiple varieties of professional audio system products with high quality but low volume and short lead time.

• 1 woofer produce line, completing 2,000pcs woofers in 1 day
• 1 electronic produce line, completing 2,500pcs amplifier in 1 day
• 1 assemble line, completing 2pcs 40HQ 1,000pcs 15'' speaker in 1 day
• Loading 1pc 40HQ container in 40mins fastest

Loudspeaker Assembly Workshop

SMT Workshop

Electronic workshop

Wooden Cabinet Workshop

Assembly Workshop

Strict Quality System

All audio products have a useful life, and LA are committed to making that as long as possible, not only in terms of reliability, but also in terms of how good the sound is the very first time a system is turned on. Quality Control is instituted at every stage of the manufacturing process, whether by close visual and tactile review. Throughout the production process, each stage is equipped with QC workstations to ensure accuracy, and validation of test criteria and design. Inspection covers from incoming materials to finished products, mainly Include IQC, IPQC, FQC, OQC and routine tests.

• Quality management system by ISO9001: 2015 standard
• Setting IQC, IPQC, FQC, OQC to ensure products accuracy and reliability

Professional Service

We deliver our partners a complete professional service and support, no matter where they are based. At Listen-Acoustic we want 
to make it easy for our customers to select, test and use our products. From offering available catalog and making pro audio 
proposals and solutions, to logistics and after-sales support, we want to ensure your experience of using Listen-Acoustic is 
focused on delivering the very best performance.

• ODM&OEM service
• Making proposals & solutions
• Logistics and after-sales support
• Distributing LA products and special service

Cost Advantage

Listen-Acoustic cost advantage is a result of excellent R&D, industry integration, production and processes management by ISO 9001 standard. We are able to offer our clients value proposals, ensuring that all the aspects of the business partnership on design, quality, service and production cost are always kept at the optimal level.

• Superior Value
• Purchase Price
• Maintenance Cost

Most Valuable Pro Audio Supplier

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