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S1 Series

Ultra-Compact Line Array Systems

S1 Series is a compact and scaleable active array system of small size and light weight.

Each middle-high speaker contains 8 pieces of high-efficiency 2.75” Neodymium full range speakers and 6 pieces of 1” dome tweeter without horn, all vertically aligned to form a line array. Combining these components on the area of an A4 paper, weighing 4.3 kg and depth measuring only 11cm, each speaker box can produce an impressive 125 dB peak SPL. Built-in class-D amplifiers, together with proprietary DSP- filtering and limiting, ensure a reliable and steady performance at all times.

The Subwoofer is a double 10” bandpass subwoofer, also powered by a built-in 500 Watt class-D amplifier and equipped with switching mode power supply. Its compact and efficient design allows the subwoofer to perform greatly in all kinds of environments and its size guarantees very flexible subwoofer placement.

All products have powercon in and outputs as well as signal in-out for convenient daisy chain wiring to allow an individual adjustment of the system according to the application demands. Great out-of-the-box sound tuning, compact design, convenient wiring, easy scaleability and many other features of this system save a lot of space, time and money for speaker transportation and setup!

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